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Address 23-25 McDonnell Street NARACOORTE
Accuracy H - high level confidence
Development Plan Naracoorte Lucindale Council
Polygon Type B - Building footprint
Details (Known As) Former Limbert's Store and Residence
Registered Name Former Limbert's Store and Residence
Significance Limbert's Central Store and residence are historically and architecturally significant. The investment in a carefully designed, well built, large store with an elaborate and imposing facade demonstrates the faith of Mr Limbert in the future of the rival government town of Naracoorte. Its location near the flour mill, hotel and government offices was doubtless a calculated business decision. The building demonstrates the historical importance of Naracoorte as a prosperous regional centre, providing retail services for both residents and pastoralists. This building (and the State listed flour mill) remains as the only physical evidence of the unsuccessful attempt by the Colonial Government to determine the success of its subdivision at Naracoorte. It demonstrates the rivalry and interdependence between local and private interests and a remote and stubborn Government - a theme played out across rural South Australia. None of the early shops in the present town centre, where a century of development and commercial pressures have been focused, remain intact. Through its integrity, Limbert's Store is intrinsically linked to the historical development of the town. This adds to the significance of the building. The store is associated with the significant industrial mill complex by virtue of ownership by several millers over six decades. Despite the isolation of Naracoorte, the design quality and workmanship that are clearly evident in the building demonstrate a sophisticated local building industry. The use of local hardwood and limestone for decorative elements demonstrates regionally important building materials. The location of the attached residence directly on the street frontage is noteworthy. The store is significant as the only and exceptionally intact example of a substantial nineteenth century commercial establishment in Naracoorte. Commercial buildings are not represented among the State listed items in Naracoorte.
Subject Index Commerce (retail and wholesale) - Shop
Class State
Status Code REG - Confirmed as a State Heritage Place in the SA Heritage Register
Status Date 12-OCT-1995
LGA Naracoorte Lucindale
State Heritage ID 14023
Heritage Number 16289
Section 16 a - it demonstrates important aspects of the evolution or pattern of the State's history
As listed in the SA Heritage Register
Plan Parcel & Title Information CT 5117/407 D30845 A12


While due care has been taken to ensure that the SA Heritage Places Database accurately reflects the South Australian Heritage Register and listings of Local Heritage Places in Development Plans, the State of South Australia does not accept liability for the use of the SA Heritage Database for any purpose. Users should consult the Department for Environment and Water - Heritage South Australia to confirm the listing of State Heritage Places and the relevant Development Plan for Local Heritage Places/Contributory Items.

In the majority of cases, the maps of State Heritage Places on this web site show the footprints of the most significant structures on a registered Place. However, sometimes they simply indicate the complete area of land comprising the Place. Work is proceeding to further refine the mapping of such places. It is also important to note that development control is not limited to the registered structures but extends to their setting and structures nearby (what is termed ‘development affecting’ a State Heritage Place). Hence it is vital that exact details of the listed place and implications for any proposed development be discussed with Heritage South Australia staff, as they cannot be deduced solely from the information on this web site. The inclusion of a place in the SA Heritage Register gives no right of public access. Permission to visit properties must be sought from the owners. The accuracy of the mapping of State Heritage Places is not guaranteed. Please contact Heritage SA ( https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/sa-heritage-register) if you believe there is an error.

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