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Address 4 Lewis Crescent NORTH PLYMPTON
Accuracy H - high level confidence
Development Plan West Torrens Council
Polygon Type B - Building footprint
Details (Known As) Dwelling ('Plympton House', sometime Parkin House) and former Gardener's Cottage
Registered Name Dwelling - 'Parkin House'
Significance Parkin House is one of South Australia's most distinctive historic homes. It was built in 1858/59 of rendered bluestone and red brick and consists of fourteen rooms, an entrance hall and a wine cellar. The style and design of the house reflects the history and life-style of its first owner, William Parkin. In consultation with his builder, Parkin designed a house which was reminiscent of those he had left in England in 1839 and which would meet his specific needs. Built on two levels, the upper level provided for entertaining and family quarters, while the basement provided servants' quarters, kitchen and utility rooms. The basement, unusual in South Australian houses, but common in English houses of the period, also provided a large summer bedroom and a large summer drawing room, lit by full size windows and light wells. The house has a number of other interesting features. The formal rooms and entrance hall were decorated extensively with graining and marbling. Parkin House is one of only a small number of large nineteenth century houses to have survived in its original design form without later additions. It was originally surrounded by nine acres of garden and there were many ancillary buildings on the property, including stables, a carriage house and an orangery. Apart from the house itself, only the gardener's cottage and a wall of the stables have survived. (Condensed from text by R. Nicol 1984)
Subject Index Residential - House
Class State
Status Code REG - Confirmed as a State Heritage Place in the SA Heritage Register
Status Date 27-SEP-1990
LGA West Torrens
State Heritage ID 11945
Heritage Number 9131
Section 16
As listed in the SA Heritage Register
Plan Parcel & Title Information CT 5189/107 D6084 A34


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In the majority of cases, the maps of State Heritage Places on this web site show the footprints of the most significant structures on a registered Place. However, sometimes they simply indicate the complete area of land comprising the Place. Work is proceeding to further refine the mapping of such places. It is also important to note that development control is not limited to the registered structures but extends to their setting and structures nearby (what is termed ‘development affecting’ a State Heritage Place). Hence it is vital that exact details of the listed place and implications for any proposed development be discussed with Heritage South Australia staff, as they cannot be deduced solely from the information on this web site. The inclusion of a place in the SA Heritage Register gives no right of public access. Permission to visit properties must be sought from the owners. The accuracy of the mapping of State Heritage Places is not guaranteed. Please contact Heritage SA ( https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/sa-heritage-register) if you believe there is an error.

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