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AddressLGADetailsClassState Heritage Place NoCouncil Reference
1503333 Arbury Park Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Hughbrae', 'Raybrodie'Local 9892
151762 Arkaba Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsChurch of the AscensionLocal 8724
1503417 Arkaba Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsConvent of the Sisters of St JosephLocal 8721
1517718-24 Churinga Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsAldgate Oval and HallLocal 12539
1503549 Cricklewood Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse and Outbuildings, 'Yantaringa'Local 12702
15037Euston Road (Kemp Road) ALDGATEAdelaide HillsRailway BridgeLocal 12073
151781 Euston Road ALDGATEAdelaide Hills'The Hut', former Railway Station and Goods ShedLocal 19414
151801-3 Fenchurch Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse and Garden, 'Stangate House'Local 12072
1503614 Fenchurch Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Coololi(e)'Local 12082
1518126 Fenchurch Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsChild Care CentreLocal 12088
150382 Kemp Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsWar MemorialLocal 12824
1503924 Kingsland Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Montana'Local 12111
15040100 Milan Terrace ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, Garage, Lodge, Shed, Laundry, 'Prestonfield'Local 19566
15183Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsRailway BridgeLocal 12073
15185Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsWater PumpLocal  
15179Mount Barker Road Kemp Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsFormer Railway Workers' HousesLocal 19415
15041196 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Burnham Brae'Local 12503
15044202-204 Mount Barker Road (Theodore Lane) ALDGATEAdelaide HillsShop, Boot RepairerLocal 18505
15042205 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, Former Railway CottageLocal 8698
15182207 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, Former Permanent Way Inspector's ResidenceLocal 8699
15043209 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsPercy Theodore GardensLocal 8765
15184210 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsShop, Solver PaintsLocal 12059
17631220 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsShops, Lees Fruit ShopLocal 19435
15045345 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, Garage, WallLocal 18979
15046135 Old Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsOur Lady of the Rosary Catholic ChurchLocal 9898
15047153 Old Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Frazer Park', GardenLocal 9891
15048195 Old Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Roseville'Local 9879
150504 Shanks Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsFormer Aldgate Valley Church of ChristLocal 10344
1505134 Snows Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Gwynne House'Local 9106
1505252-56 Strathalbyn Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsFormer Aldgate School and HouseLocal 18360
15186130 Strathalbyn Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsStirling District CemeteryLocal 12797
15053253 Lobethal Road (Cnr Monomeith Road) ASHTONAdelaide HillsShopLocal 2629
15233147 Tregarthen Road ASHTONAdelaide HillsHouse `Tregarthen'Local 2147
277023 Bridge Street BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsBalhannah Uniting Church & schoolroomLocal 3961
277032 Junction Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsSt Thomas’ Anglican Church & CemeteryLocal 3796
2770591 Onkaparinga Valley Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsSoldiers’ Memorial InstituteLocal 6371
15187Cnr Lobethal, Crammond and Burdetts Road BASKET RANGEAdelaide HillsWar Memorial and fenceLocal  
277072 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsSt Matthew’s Catholic Church, cemetery & railingsLocal 14880
2770811 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsWeighbridgeLocal 18982
2771011 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsFormer Stables, Birdwood MillLocal 18396
2770911 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsShop & residence (former Pflaum store and residence)Local 18396
2771115 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsFormer wattle bark mill & posts, Birdwood MillLocal 18396
2771235 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsFormer primary schoolLocal 18982
2771342 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsBirdwood InstituteLocal 14859
2771442A Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsBirdwood Soldiers’ Memorial ArchLocal 14856
2771546 Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsFormer Pflaum House & garden (Birdwood Area School)Local 14856
27716Near 1609 Torrens Valley Road [316,945E 6,147,106N] BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsStony Creek BridgeLocal  
277062017 Warren Road BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsLutheran church, manse, palm tree & shedLocal 18225
17637706 Longwood Road BRADBURYAdelaide HillsLongwood InstituteLocal 10102
150554 Barracks Lane BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsCottageLocal 14202
151881 Carey Gully Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsBridgewater InstituteLocal 13315
151895 Carey Gully Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsCFS Ladies Auxiliary ShopLocal 13317
15162Cnr Mount Barker and Carey Gully Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsBridgewater Drinking FountainLocal  
15058Cnr Mount Barker and Carey Gully Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsGrottoLocal  
15190Fielding Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsWorld War II MemorialLocal 14214
150561 Mill Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Mill Cottage'Local 13241
1519146 Morella Grove BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsBridgewater School House, School Room, ResidenceLocal 14247
15057360 Mount Barker Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Church House'Local 13809
15161387 Mount Barker Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsBridgewater Inn/HotelLocal 9156
1506010 Rosewarne Crescent BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsHouse, 'St Githas'Local 13268
150616 Shannon Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Alderwood'Local 14218
1763241 Deviation Road CAREY GULLYAdelaide HillsDwelling; former 'Little's' Shop and dwellingLocal 2699
151931269 Greenhill Road CAREY GULLYAdelaide HillsWar MemorialLocal 2691
1763336 Corkscrew Road CASTAMBULAdelaide HillsWater wheel and supporting wallLocal 2840
277172 Torrens Valley Road [303,485E 6,144,517N] CHAIN OF PONDSAdelaide HillsGumeracha BridgeLocal  
2771836-40 Newman Road CHARLESTONAdelaide HillsCharleston Uniting Church & cemeteryLocal 17918
1519449 Cherryville Road CHERRYVILLEAdelaide HillsCommunity Centre, former schoolLocal 2446
150629 Blackburn Drive CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'St Barberie'Local 8590
1506316 Blackburn Drive CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Fairwood'Local 9959
1763424-26 Blackburn Drive CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, Stables, Outhouse, Gates, 'Shurdington'Local 9952
15072Cnr Old Mount Barker and Piccadilly Roads CRAFERSAdelaide HillsWorld War I MonumentLocal  
150643 Cox Creek Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouseLocal 8687
1506536-38 Cox Creek Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Paxlease'Local 9964
15066Epiphany Place CRAFERSAdelaide HillsAttached HousesLocal 9929
150679 Fairview Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Draper's Hall'Local 9178
151954 Glenside Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Derrymor'Local 9218
150687 Glenside Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Egryn'Local 9266
1506918 Glenside Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Ben Nevis'Local 18357
151968 Main Street CRAFERSAdelaide HillsCrafers InnLocal 8062
1519710 Main Street CRAFERSAdelaide HillsShopLocal 8071
151987 Mawson Drive CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Mount Lofty Lodge'Local 9449
150709 Mawson Drive CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Casa Paquita', Former `Green Gables'Local 9450
150716 Mount Street CRAFERSAdelaide HillsRector's HouseLocal 9930
1520172 Mount Lofty Summit Road CRAFERSAdelaide Hills'Mount Lofty House Country Estate', House, Stables, OutbuildingsLocal 9448
1520074 Mount Lofty Summit Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Mt Lofty House'Local 9447
1508089 Mount Lofty Summit Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'The Glen'Local 8660
15081103A Mount Lofty Summit Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Arthur's Seat' (Ruin)Local 19037
15202110 Mount Lofty Summit Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, Gatehouse, Coachhouse, 'Eurilla'Local 6511
15082120 Mount Lofty Summit Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, Stables, Gates, Gatehouse, 'Carminow'Local 6514
17635127 Mount Lofty Summit Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsGatehouse, 'St Michael's' (Ruin)Local 19147
1507332 Old Mount Barker Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse and Stables,'Narrinyeri'Local 9139
1507442 Old Mount Barker Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse and Outbuildings, 'Pomona'Local 9141
150752/ 8 Piccadilly Road (rear) CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, Formerly 'Fewster's Cottage'Local 8694
1507625 Piccadilly Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Crataegus', 'Crataecus'Local 9980
1507732 Piccadilly Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Warrah'Local 9162
1507836 Piccadilly Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'The Laurels'Local 9160
1519955 Piccadilly Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsCrafers Primary SchoolLocal 9473
15079165 Piccadilly Road CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouseLocal 9320
1508330 The Crescent CRAFERSAdelaide HillsCottage, 'Burnbrae'Local 9190
1508432 The Crescent CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Burnbrae'Local 9189
150858 Wonnaminta Drive CRAFERSAdelaide HillsHouse - front facade and roofLocal 8625
1520423 Hill Street CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouseLocal 7356
1508651 Sheoak Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Fullgrabe'Local 7883
1508721 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Gurrawarra'Local 7973
1508827 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Evesham'Local 7971
1508932 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Seaview'Local 7242
1509046 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'The Chestnuts'Local 7305
1509148 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Five Oaks'Local 7310
1509250 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Kil Lel'Local 7335
1509356 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse and Outbuilding, 'Kinclaven'Local 7337
1509462 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Kinclaven'Local 7338
1509525 Wyly Lane CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsMain house: north wall and west wall of stone construction; Cottage: front two room section only -stone wall, central entrance door and front windows; Stone barn. Excluding lean-to'sLocal 7427
27719Gorge Road 300,420.5E, 6,142,518.4N CUDLEE CREEKAdelaide HillsHoad’s BridgeLocal  
2772031 Gould Place CUDLEE CREEKAdelaide HillsCudlee Creek Uniting ChurchLocal 16761
17636Greenhill Road GREENHILLAdelaide HillsDwelling; former wine shanty/hotelLocal 3075
2772114 Albert Street GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsGumeracha Police Station, Court House and two storey stone stables to rearLocal 18887
2772245 Albert Street GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsGumeracha Town HallLocal 15675
277231 Beavis Court GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsRandell’s Workers’ CottagesLocal 15708
277245 Wellington Street GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsGumeracha Uniting ChurchLocal 15603
15205201 Longwood Road HEATHFIELDAdelaide HillsHeathfield Primary School, Former Aldgate SchoolLocal 10414
277254 Blackhill Road HOUGHTONAdelaide HillsHoughton War MemorialLocal 17268
27726North East Road [296,442E 6,144,235N] INGLEWOODAdelaide HillsInglewood BridgeLocal  
15206352 Pole Road IRONBANKAdelaide HillsIronbank Uniting ChurchLocal 8481
27727Kent Road KERSBROOKAdelaide HillsKersbrook Primary School and former residenceLocal 16321
2772815 Scott Street KERSBROOKAdelaide HillsKersbrook HallLocal 18741
277291524 South Para Road KERSBROOKAdelaide HillsKersbrook Uniting Church & cemeteryLocal 16303
27730Watts Gully Road (in Warren Conservation Park) KERSBROOKAdelaide HillsWatts Gully mine shaftLocal 16632
2773192 Main Street LOBETHALAdelaide HillsPrince of Peace Anglican ChurchLocal 5303
277321 School Road LOBETHALAdelaide HillsLobethal Primary School & residenceLocal 6484
15207511 Longwood Road LONGWOODAdelaide HillsHouse, Former Post Office and StoreLocal 10155
1505432 Sutherland Road MARBLE HILLAdelaide HillsDwellingLocal 2506
27733North East Road [298,210E 6,144,740N] MILLBROOKAdelaide HillsBreakneck cuttingLocal  
1509615 Church Road MONTACUTEAdelaide HillsSt. Pauls Anglican ChurchLocal 2824
1520863 Institute Road MONTACUTEAdelaide HillsHall, former Montacute InstituteLocal 2752
17638780 Montacute Road MONTACUTEAdelaide HillsDwelling, 'The Poplars' and shedsLocal 2785
15209986 Montacute Road MONTACUTEAdelaide HillsDwelling, former Methodist church and cemeteryLocal 2922
1519220A Radbone Road MOUNT GEORGEAdelaide HillsCottageLocal 13915
27734599 Burfords Hill Road MOUNT TORRENSAdelaide HillsRailway bridgeLocal  
27735280 Springhead Road MOUNT TORRENSAdelaide HillsSpringhead Trinity Lutheran Church & schoolLocal 18315
17639136 Boyle Swamp Road MYLORAdelaide HillsTobacco KilnLocal 10902
1521116 First Street MYLORAdelaide HillsMylor Uniting ChurchLocal 10977
17640118 Silver Lake Road MYLORAdelaide HillsSilver LakeLocal 10133
17643Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsBridge, 'Hack Bridge'Local  
17641Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsWar MemorialLocal  
15212220 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsMylor Primary SchoolLocal 10969
15213232 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Blythe'Local 11290
15097240 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsHouse, Shop and BakehouseLocal 10981
15214242 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsMylor Senior Citizens' Centre, Former Mylor InstituteLocal 10982
15215250 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsMylor DelicatessenLocal 10996
15216256 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsCoopers Grain Store, Former Grain Store and BlacksmithLocal 11003
15217258-260 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsFormer Residence, Post Office and General StoreLocal 11008
17642665 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsHouse, Cottage and Garden, 'Rockford Estate'Local 10937
15218667 Strathalbyn Road MYLORAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Rockford Lodge'; Former Gatehouse, 'Rockford Estate'Local 10959
17644Colonial Drive NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsTrees, Stand of Candlebark GumsLocal  
152194 Crescent Drive NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsPost Office and Museum, former Council ChambersLocal 16422
15220Old Norton Summit Road NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsScenic HotelLocal 2241
15098The Intersection NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsWar Memorial and Gardens (to east)Local  
27736Clisby Road [304,742E 6,128,341N] OAKBANKAdelaide HillsSwing bridge (suspension footbridge)Local  
27737154 Onkaparinga Valley Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsOakbank Area SchoolLocal 18436
27738210 Onkaparinga Valley Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsOakbank Soldiers' Memorial HallLocal 18934
27739214 Onkaparinga Valley Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsKindergarten, former schoolLocal 5373
27740383 Paracombe Road PARACOMBEAdelaide HillsParacombe Community Hall & Soldiers’ Memorial ArchLocal 17050
17645171 Piccadilly Road PICCADILLYAdelaide HillsFormer Crafers Institute and District Council OfficesLocal 1904
150997 Ross Road PICCADILLYAdelaide HillsDwelling (ruin)Local 1887
1510026 Cemetery Road SCOTT CREEKAdelaide HillsCemetery, 'Cottonville'Local 18498
1764663B Morgan Road SCOTT CREEKAdelaide HillsCottage, 'Poplar Banks'Local 10062
17647Scott Creek Road SCOTT CREEKAdelaide HillsHill Family Private CemeteryLocal 10071
15221519 Scott Creek Road SCOTT CREEKAdelaide HillsScott Creek Primary School and ResidenceLocal 10079
152227 Avenue Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsStirling InstituteLocal 11488
1510141 Avenue Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsLiquor Store, Former Post OfficeLocal 11233
151021 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Thorpe'Local 18945
151031A Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, former 'Thorpe' CoachhouseLocal 8488
1510413 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'The Lodge'Local 8512
1510517 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Hillend'Local 19413
1510621 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Akaron'Local 8491
1510722 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsSchool House, 'St Catherine's'Local 18285
1510825 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Karrawatoo'Local 8492
1510926 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Bythorne'Local 8135
1511030 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, Gatehouse, 'Bythorne'Local 8131
1511154 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Oak Lodge'Local 8139
1511230 Birch Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Pine Hill'Local 20596
1511351 Birch Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Birch Lodge', Former Queen Victoria Home for Convalescent ChildrenLocal 8112
15115Lot 2 Druid Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsCottage, 'Brown's Cottage'Local 11482
151147 Druid Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse; Former HospitalLocal 14632
1511659 Gould Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Duncraig'Local 11916
151178 Laurel Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, Gardener's Cottage, 'St Vigean's'Local 8119
1511823 Longwood Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Clairmont'Local 11433
1511916 Madeline Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouseLocal 11239
1512010 Milan Terrace STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Maroonika'Local 11303
1512140 Milan Terrace STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'The Shay', 'Marylands'Local 11368
152232 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsRotunda, Stirling Memorial BandstandLocal 11489
152246 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsShopsLocal 11460
1512210/ 11 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsShops, 'Oak Plaza House', 'Wirrilda'Local 19180
1522548-50 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsOfficesLocal 14518
1522656 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsJames Melrose Memorial Fountain, Stirling OvalLocal 11549
15123129 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse and ShopLocal 11731
15124143 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsFormer Milford's General StoreLocal 11735
15125147 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsFormer Uniting Church, Ashton Memorial ChurchLocal 11737
15127Old Carey Gully Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsCottage, Mount Lofty Golf Club, Former Scent Factory, 'Le Chateau', 'Le Chateau a la Pong'Local 19444
1512633 Old Carey Gully Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, Lodge 'Glenalta'Local 9597
1522755 Old Carey Gully Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse and Stables, 'Glenalta'Local 9537
15128100 Old Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsFormer Stirling East SchoolLocal 11596
152281 Orley Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsMount Lofty Uniting Church, Former Mount Lofty Congregational Church, ChapelLocal 11281
151294 Orley Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Oak Hill'Local 11244
151305 Orley Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsManseLocal 11302
151318 Orley Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse and StablesLocal 11247
1513215 Orley Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Taminga'Local 11306
1504919 Pine Street STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, outbuildings and garden, 'Forest Lodge'Local 12633
151337 Pomona Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse and StablesLocal 9134
1513452 Pomona Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'The Coach House'Local 11923
1513519 Spencer Street STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouseLocal 8271
1522935 Spencer Street STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse and Stables, 'Nioka', 'Holiday House'Local 8277
1513610-12 Stonehenge Avenue STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouseLocal 11258
152302 Sturt Valley Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsMount Lofty Railway StationLocal 19599
1513711 Sturt Valley Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'Liberton'Local 8288
1513818 Sturt Valley Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, 'The Rest'Local 8163
1513926 Sturt Valley Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsHouse, Fence, Outbuilding, 'Wensleydale', 'Balcarres'Local 8166
1514032 Sturt Valley Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsGarden, 'Panmure'Local 8167
1520310 Wright Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsOutbuildingLocal 9631
15232Collins Road (cnr Cornish Road) SUMMERTOWNAdelaide HillsCollins Bridge AbutmentsLocal  
151451028 Greenhill Road SUMMERTOWNAdelaide HillsCottageLocal 1864
152311054-1056 Greenhill Road SUMMERTOWNAdelaide HillsUniting ChurchLocal 19397
151441075 Greenhill Road SUMMERTOWNAdelaide HillsDwelling, former shop and dwellingLocal 1407
151421084 Greenhill Road SUMMERTOWNAdelaide HillsDwelling, former Mt Lofty HotelLocal 1826
151431102 Greenhill Road SUMMERTOWNAdelaide HillsHall, Former InstituteLocal 1806
151411126 Greenhill Road SUMMERTOWNAdelaide HillsStone Police Station and residenceLocal 1760
151472 Manoah Drive UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsHouse, Former Lodge, 'Manoah'Local 8025
176489 Manoah Drive UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsHouse, Stable, Former Coachhouse, 'Manoah'Local 8024
151462 Station Road UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsCottageLocal 7852
17649261 Sturt Valley Road UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsUniting Church, CemeteryLocal 8059
15234Upper Sturt Road UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsUpper Sturt Railway TunnelLocal 19535
15148133 Upper Sturt Road UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsHouse, Former Housekeeper's Cottage, 'Manoah', 'Mon Repos'Local 8027
15235171-173 Upper Sturt Road UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsUpper Sturt Soldiers' Memorial HallLocal 8037
15149175 Upper Sturt Road UPPER STURTAdelaide HillsHouse, Former Upper Sturt SchoolLocal 8036
151501186 Greenhill Road URAIDLAAdelaide HillsShop, former bankLocal 1716
152381197 Greenhill Road URAIDLAAdelaide HillsUraidla InstituteLocal 1522
152371221 Greenhill Road URAIDLAAdelaide HillsUniting ChurchLocal 1575
15236Swamp Road URAIDLAAdelaide HillsWar MemorialLocal 1722
15059854 Mount Barker Road VERDUNAdelaide HillsCottageLocal 14383
27741202 Donoghue Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsMurdoch Hill Uniting ChurchLocal 6526
2774235 Nairne Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsWoodside Uniting Church, Sunday School & CemeteryLocal 5186


While due care has been taken to ensure that the SA Heritage Places Database accurately reflects the South Australian Heritage Register and listings of Local Heritage Places in Development Plans, the State of South Australia does not accept liability for the use of the SA Heritage Database for any purpose. Users should consult the Department for Environment and Water - Heritage South Australia to confirm the listing of State Heritage Places and the relevant Development Plan for Local Heritage Places/Contributory Items.

In the majority of cases, the maps of State Heritage Places on this web site show the footprints of the most significant structures on a registered Place. However, sometimes they simply indicate the complete area of land comprising the Place. Work is proceeding to further refine the mapping of such places. It is also important to note that development control is not limited to the registered structures but extends to their setting and structures nearby (what is termed ‘development affecting’ a State Heritage Place). Hence it is vital that exact details of the listed place and implications for any proposed development be discussed with Heritage South Australia staff, as they cannot be deduced solely from the information on this web site. The inclusion of a place in the SA Heritage Register gives no right of public access. Permission to visit properties must be sought from the owners. The accuracy of the mapping of State Heritage Places is not guaranteed. Please contact Heritage SA ( https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/sa-heritage-register) if you believe there is an error.

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