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AddressLGADetailsClassState Heritage Place NoCouncil Reference
2702584 Galway Ave BROADVIEWProspectChurchLocal BRO:200
311329-31 Cassie Street COLLINSWOODProspectAttached cottagesLocal COL:001
3153109 North East Road COLLINSWOODProspectTwo storey dwellingLocal COL:002
3154143 North East Road COLLINSWOODProspectHotel HampsteadLocal COL:003
31802 Salisbury Terrace COLLINSWOODProspectHouse, former - RathminesLocal PRO:109
270666 Salisbury Tce COLLINSWOODProspectDwellingLocal COL:203
318116 Salisbury Terrace COLLINSWOODProspectDwelling and Outbuilding Local COL:004
318222 Salisbury Terrace COLLINSWOODProspectDwelling and OutbuildingLocal COL:005
322720 Braund Road FITZROYProspect Contributory  
310522 Braund Road FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:001
322824 Braund Road FITZROYProspect Contributory  
31881A Braund Road FITZROYProspectFormer Coachhouse of Mitchell HouseState14541 
2702226 Elderslie Ave FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:201
31968 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspect Contributory  
31979 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspect Contributory  
270249 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:203
319810 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspect Contributory  
313311 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:004
313513 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspectHouse, St George's Nursing Home, former 'Ashley'Local PRO:107
313614 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspectHouse 'Carlton House'Local FIT:005
319915 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspect Contributory  
320016 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspect Contributory  
313417 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspectDwelling Local PRO:105
320122 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspect Contributory  
318918 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspectDwelling ('Mitchell House')State14172 
319020 Fitzroy Terrace FITZROYProspectFitzroy HouseState12709 
33121 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
33133 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
33144 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
33155 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
33166 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
33177 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
33188 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
33199 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332010 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332111 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332212 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332313 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332414 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332515 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332617 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332718 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332820 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
332921 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
333022 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
333123 Martin Avenue FITZROYProspect Contributory  
2703228 Martin Ave FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:202
270342 Prospect Rd FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:203
270354 Prospect Rd FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:204
2703612 and 14 Prospect Rd FITZROYProspectAttached Dwellings and Front FenceLocal FIT:205
2703816 Prospect Rd FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:206
315824 Prospect Road FITZROYProspectTwo storey dwellingLocal FIT:006
32291 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
31862 Whinham Street FITZROYProspectDwellingLocal FIT:007
32303 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
32314 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
32325 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
32337 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
31878 Whinham Street FITZROYProspectDwelling Local FIT:008
32349 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
323510 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
323612 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
323713 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
323814 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
323915 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
324016 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
324117 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
324219 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
324320 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
324421 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
324522 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
324623 Whinham Street FITZROYProspect Contributory  
31012-12 Balfour Street NAILSWORTHProspectNailsworth Primary SchoolLocal NAI:001
31102A Burwood Street NAILSWORTHProspectSalvation Army HallLocal NAI:002
3191Cemetery Avenue NAILSWORTHProspectNorth Road Church of England Cemetery, including the ChapelState14138 
2702140 D'Erlanger Ave NAILSWORTHProspectChurchLocal NAI:201
31841 Thomas Street NAILSWORTHProspectProspect Public Library, former schoolLocal NAI:003
31147 Churchill Road OVINGHAMProspectOvingham Uniting ChurchLocal OVI:001
2699211-13 Toronto St OVINGHAMProspectDwellingsLocal OVI:201
2699315 Toronto St OVINGHAMProspectDwellingLocal OVI:202
309742 Alexandra Street PROSPECTProspectFormer Shop and DwellingLocal PRO:001
309810 Alpha Road PROSPECTProspectWingfield HouseLocal PRO:100
2698820 Alpha Road PROSPECTProspectKiandra nursing homeLocal PRO:200
30991 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:002
32972 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
32983 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
32999 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
330012 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
2700213 Argyle St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:201
330113 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
330216 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
310017 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:003
330320 Argyle Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
270102 Ballville St PROSPECTProspectFormer RectoryLocal PRO:202
2701977 Ballville St PROSPECTProspectTelephone ExchangeLocal PRO:203
31028-14 Barker Road PROSPECTProspectChurch of the Holy RosaryLocal PRO:119
270271 Beatrice St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:204
270373 Beatrice St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:205
270475 Beatrice St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:206
270537 Beatrice St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:207
270629 Beatrice St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:208
33053 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
269903 Bradford St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:210
31045 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspectSingle Fronted Cottage Local PRO:006
33067 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33079 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
330811 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
330913 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
331015 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
331119 Bradford Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
310637 Braund Road PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:113
310757 Braund Road PROSPECTProspectShop and HouseLocal PRO:116
310862 Braund Road PROSPECTProspectFormer shop and dwellingLocal PRO:007
310964 Braund Road PROSPECTProspectShopLocal PRO:117
26995124 Braund Road PROSPECTProspectFormer shop and dwellingLocal PRO:211
31114 Carter Street PROSPECTProspectDwelling, 'Myoora'Local PRO:009
324716 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
324820 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
324922 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
2699724 Carter St PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:212
325026 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325128 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325230 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325332 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325434 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325536 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325638 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325740 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325842 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
325944 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
326046 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
311248 Carter Street PROSPECTProspectDwelling Local PRO:011
326150 Carter Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
270011 Charles St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:213
270033 Charles St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:214
270045 Charles ST PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:215
270057 Charles St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:216
270069 Charles St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:217
2700713 and 15 Charles St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:218
3115273 Churchill Road PROSPECTProspectReepham HotelLocal PRO:014
32033 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
31164 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:015
32045 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
32056 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
31177 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:118
270128 Clifton St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:219
31189 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:122
311910 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:101
312011 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectHouse and ShopLocal PRO:102
312112 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:017
320613 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
2701313 Clifton St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:220
312214 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:018
312315 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:108
2095315 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
312416 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:019
320717 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
312518 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:020
312620 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectFormer Anglican ChurchLocal PRO:021
312721 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:022
320822 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
312823 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:023
320925 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
321026 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
312927 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:024
313029 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:110
313131 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectHouseLocal PRO:111
321132 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
321237 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
321338 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
2701440 Clifton St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:221
321440 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
321542 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
313243 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspectDwelling Local PRO:025
321646 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
321748 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
321850 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
321952 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
322054 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
322156 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
322258 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
322360 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
322462 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
322564 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
322666 Clifton Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
2701535 Cochrane Tce PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:222
2701737 Cochrane Tce PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:224
2702039 Cochrane Tce PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:226
3137Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspectProspect Memorial GardensLocal PRO:026
33321 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33332 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33343 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33354 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33365 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33377 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33388 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
33399 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334011 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334112 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334213 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334315 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334416 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334517 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334618 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334719 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334820 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
334921 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335022 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335123 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335224 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335325 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335527 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335628 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335729 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335830 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
335931 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
336032 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
336134 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
336235 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
336337 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
336441 Flora Terrace PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
2702627 Gladstone Rd PROSPECTProspectSchoolLocal PRO:227
313829 Harrington Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:030
3183St Helens Park PROSPECTProspectFormer Coach house & Bandstand, St Helen's ParkLocal PRO:066
326215 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
326317 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
326419 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
326521 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
326623 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
326725 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
313926 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectUniting Church Local PRO:031
314026 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectUniting Church HallLocal PRO:032
326828 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
326929 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327030 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
314131 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:033
327132 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327233 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327334 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327435 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327536 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327638 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327739 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
327841 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
314242 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectFormer Shop and DwellingLocal PRO:034
327943 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
328044 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
314345 Highbury Street & 47 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectAttached dwellingsLocal PRO:035
328146 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
328248 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
328349 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
314450 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectFormer Shop & DwellingLocal PRO:036
328451 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
314552 Highbury Street & 54 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectAttached dwellingsLocal PRO:037
328553 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
328655 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
328756 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
328857 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
328959 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
314660 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:038
329061 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
329166 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
329268 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
329370 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
314776 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectTwo storey houseLocal PRO:039
329478 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
329580 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
329682 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspect Contributory  
31481/ 86 Highbury Street & 2/86 Highbury Street PROSPECTProspectAttached cottagesLocal PRO:040
270293 James St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:229
270305 James St PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:230
315117 King Street PROSPECTProspectSingle-fronted CottageLocal PRO:043
315018 King Street PROSPECTProspectIslington Uniting ChurchLocal PRO:042
315294 Main North Road PROSPECTProspectWindmill HotelLocal PRO:044
27682114 Main North Road PROSPECTProspectFormer dwellingLocal PRO:231
3192Main North Road PROSPECTProspectFormer Johns Road Horse Tram Depot of the Prospect, Nailsworth and Enfield Tramway CompanyState14298 
27031Menzies Cres PROSPECTProspectOval, grandstand and air raid shelterLocal PRO:232
281174/ 1 Menzies Crescent PROSPECTProspectFormer Prospect Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Sub-Control Station State26512 
31772 Prospect Terrace PROSPECTProspectWallaroo HomesLocal PRO:060
31563 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectFlatsLocal PRO:046
315717 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectMain building Blackfriars School; formerly 'Comonella'Local PRO:047
315932 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectHouse and FenceLocal PRO:112
316050, 50A and 50B Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:115
2703954 Prospect Rd PROSPECTProspectFormer shop/dwellingLocal PRO:233
2704182 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectFormer shops/dwellingLocal PRO:235
2704283 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectFormer BankLocal PRO:236
316186 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:120
316289 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectFormer CourthouseLocal PRO:121
316392A, 92 AND 92B Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:124
316495 & 95a Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:124
2704597 and 97a Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:239
316699 & 99a Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:125
3167106A Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectRosemont BuildingsLocal PRO:052
3168110, 110A AND 112 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:103
3169116 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopLocal PRO:053
3170116a and 116a Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:104
27046121 - 129 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectBarker GardensLocal PRO:240
27048122 Prospect Rd PROSPECTProspectShop/dwellingLocal PRO:241
3171124 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShops & DwellingLocal PRO:055
3172126 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectProspect Town HallLocal PRO:126
3173136-138 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectMcGlashan Bros Furniture StoreLocal PRO:056
27049142 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShopsLocal PRO:242
27050154 (Road Reserve) Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectFormer Tram PoleLocal PRO:243
3174154-160 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectTwo storey attached Dwellings and two single-storey shopsLocal PRO:057
3175172-174 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectSt Johns Uniting ChurchLocal PRO:005
27051176 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShop/dwellingLocal PRO:244
27052180 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectShop and DwellingLocal PRO:244
3176232 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectRechabite HallLocal PRO:059
256733 & 3A Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectDwelling and Flat (former Office/Garage) designed by Christopher Smith in the Art Deco Style for his own residenceState26301 
319349 Prospect Road PROSPECTProspectSt Cuthbert's Anglican ChurchState14045 
317824 Pulsford Road PROSPECTProspectSingle-fronted CottageLocal PRO:061
317961 Pulsford Road PROSPECTProspectFormer ChurchLocal PRO:062
2705578 Pulsford Road PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:246
2705680 Pulsford Road PROSPECTProspectDwellingLocal PRO:247
2705920-22 Rose St PROSPECTProspectDwellingsLocal PRO:251
2706024-26 Rose St PROSPECTProspectDwellingsLocal PRO:252
2706128-30 Rose St PROSPECTProspectDwellingsLocal PRO:253
2706332-34 Rose St PROSPECTProspectDwellingsLocal PRO:254
2706436-38 Rose St PROSPECTProspectDwellingsLocal PRO:255
2706730 Stuart Road PROSPECTProspectSchoolLocal PRO:256
31853 Vine Street PROSPECTProspectFormer Police StationLocal PRO:068
270087 Churcher St THORNGATEProspectDwellingLocal THO:200
2700912 Churcher St THORNGATEProspectDwellingLocal THO:201
31942 Fitzroy Terrace THORNGATEProspect Contributory  
31953 Fitzroy Terrace THORNGATEProspect Contributory  
28126Kaurna Country, 5 Fitzroy Terrace THORNGATEProspectDwelling (formerly 'Woodgate')State26541 


While due care has been taken to ensure that the SA Heritage Places Database accurately reflects the South Australian Heritage Register and listings of Local Heritage Places in Development Plans, the State of South Australia does not accept liability for the use of the SA Heritage Database for any purpose. Users should consult the Department for Environment and Water - Heritage South Australia to confirm the listing of State Heritage Places and the relevant Development Plan for Local Heritage Places/Contributory Items.

In the majority of cases, the maps of State Heritage Places on this web site show the footprints of the most significant structures on a registered Place. However, sometimes they simply indicate the complete area of land comprising the Place. Work is proceeding to further refine the mapping of such places. It is also important to note that development control is not limited to the registered structures but extends to their setting and structures nearby (what is termed ‘development affecting’ a State Heritage Place). Hence it is vital that exact details of the listed place and implications for any proposed development be discussed with Heritage South Australia staff, as they cannot be deduced solely from the information on this web site. The inclusion of a place in the SA Heritage Register gives no right of public access. Permission to visit properties must be sought from the owners. The accuracy of the mapping of State Heritage Places is not guaranteed. Please contact Heritage SA ( https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/sa-heritage-register) if you believe there is an error.

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