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AddressLGADetailsClassState Heritage Place NoCouncil Reference
16250Aldgate-Strathalbyn Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerHouse, fr Biggs Flat-Echunga Goldfields SchoolLocal  
1849759 Auricht Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerFr Lubasch House, kitchen, bake-oven & wisteriaLocal  
1850021 Church Street HAHNDORFMount Barkerfr Strempel HouseLocal  
1849824 Church Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerSt Michael's Lutheran SchoolLocal  
1837735 Church Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerHouseLocal  
1837837 Church Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerHouseLocal  
1837939 Church Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerHouseLocal  
2604918 Church Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerSt Michael's Lutheran Church & CemeteryState21249 
26979Darby Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerFormer JF Paech House, stone outbuilding and two slab barnsState22797 
18380Echunga Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerHahndorf CemeteryLocal  
1838116 English Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerSt Paul's Anglican ChurchLocal  
26327Peramangk Country, Liebelt Summer Track HAHNDORFMount BarkerOakside Park Stud, former Paech House, Stables and BarnState22790 
1616234 Main Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerThe Haus Studio ApartmentsState10505 
26479Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerTaringa Park - Former Storch Tannery/Mill Building, Residence and BarnState22795 
16160Peramangk Country, 3 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling - Schach HouseState13134 
16161Peramangk Country, 10 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerSt Paul's Lutheran ChurchState13133 
20498Peramangk Country, 20 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerFormer Schmidt (sometime Rodert) Farm including Houses, Barn, Oven, Well & Slab StructuresState21250 
16163Peramangk Country, 37 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerHahndorf Inn HotelState13135 
16164Peramangk Country, 34 - 40 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerShop (former Morgue)State10506 
16165Peramangk Country, 46 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerShops (former Australian Arms Hotel)State10510 
16166Peramangk Country, 47 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerJaensch House Shop & DwellingState13137 
16167Peramangk Country, 51 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerTwo-storey Shop and DwellingState10489 
16168Peramangk Country, 55 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling - Habisch CottageState13139 
16169Peramangk Country, 66 - 70 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerHahndorf Academy, including front boundary wall, timber barn and gymnasium ruinsState10490 
16170Peramangk Country, 67 - 69 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerGerman Arms HotelState13140 
16171Peramangk Country, 75 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerFormer Haebich's CottageState10508 
16172Peramangk Country, 84 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerFarm Gate Providore (former German Arms, former Jaensch Senior House)State13141 
16173Peramangk Country, 85 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling - FW Wittwer HouseState13143 
16174Peramangk Country, 90 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling - Wotzke HouseState13142 
16175Peramangk Country, 102 Mount Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerOffice (Thiele House, former Dwelling)State13144 
18382Mt Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerSacred oak, Hahndorf Nursing HomeLocal  
18383119 Mt Barker Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerHouseLocal  
20975Paechtown Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerBarnState10494 
16119Paechtown Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwellingState10496 
18385Pain Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerCottage & slab barnLocal  
16176Princess Highway HAHNDORFMount BarkerBeerenberg Farm (previously Pfeiffer's Old Barn)State10488 
18386River Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerWillow cottage, fr Wittwer houseLocal  
16177Schroeder Road HAHNDORFMount BarkerMooney (previously Reimann) BarnhouseState10992 
1838824 Victoria Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerDueball's houseLocal  
161017 Victoria Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling - Paech-Rothe House & KitchenState11591 
161029 Victoria Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling - Schneider-Rothe House & BarnState11589 
1610315 Victoria Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling, Barn, Well and Pump, and Parcel Pattern, Willemer-Deimel GroupState11586 
1610419 Victoria Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerDwelling - Schirmer CottageState11587 
1610523 Victoria Street HAHNDORFMount BarkerSchneemilch House and BarnState11588 
18389Windsor Avenue HAHNDORFMount BarkerAvenue of English OaksLocal  
18391Windsor Avenue HAHNDORFMount BarkerHouse & cottageLocal  
18390Windsor Avenue cnr Windsor & Schroeder Ave HAHNDORFMount BarkerMooney farmhouse, barn, shed & slab outbuildingLocal  
183925 Windsor Avenue HAHNDORFMount BarkerLouise Flierl Mission Museum, fr St Paul's ChruchLocal  
27557HAHNDORF Hahndorf State Heritage AreaState Her Area13673 


While due care has been taken to ensure that the SA Heritage Places Database accurately reflects the South Australian Heritage Register and listings of Local Heritage Places in Development Plans, the State of South Australia does not accept liability for the use of the SA Heritage Database for any purpose. Users should consult the Department for Environment and Water - Heritage South Australia to confirm the listing of State Heritage Places and the relevant Development Plan for Local Heritage Places/Contributory Items.

In the majority of cases, the maps of State Heritage Places on this web site show the footprints of the most significant structures on a registered Place. However, sometimes they simply indicate the complete area of land comprising the Place. Work is proceeding to further refine the mapping of such places. It is also important to note that development control is not limited to the registered structures but extends to their setting and structures nearby (what is termed ‘development affecting’ a State Heritage Place). Hence it is vital that exact details of the listed place and implications for any proposed development be discussed with Heritage South Australia staff, as they cannot be deduced solely from the information on this web site. The inclusion of a place in the SA Heritage Register gives no right of public access. Permission to visit properties must be sought from the owners. The accuracy of the mapping of State Heritage Places is not guaranteed. Please contact Heritage SA ( https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/sa-heritage-register) if you believe there is an error.

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