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AddressLGADetailsClassState Heritage Place NoCouncil Reference
16285Avenue Range-Keilira Road AVENUE RANGENaracoorte LucindaleCairnbank Homestead & Shearing ShedState13731 
16286Furner Road AVENUE RANGENaracoorte LucindaleCrower HomesteadState13841 
25524Lucindale-Kingston Road AVENUE RANGENaracoorte LucindaleFormer School (Art Gallery)Local NL 001
25525Lucindale-Kingston Road AVENUE RANGENaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Bull Island"Local NL 002
25567Bool Lagoon Road BOOL LAGOONNaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Killanoola"Local NL 076
25526Honner's Road FRANCESNaracoorte LucindaleWoolshed "Binnum"Local NL 003
25530Section 683 Hundred of Binnum Bull Oak Woodland FRANCESNaracoorte LucindaleCemetery (Bull Oak Woodland)Local NL 007
25527Railway Terrace FRANCESNaracoorte LucindaleHotelLocal NL 004
25528Second Street FRANCESNaracoorte LucindaleFormer Police StationLocal NL 005
25529Second Street FRANCESNaracoorte LucindalePost Office and ShopLocal NL 006
25531Lot 50 Caves Road HYNAMNaracoorte LucindaleDwelling "Gum Park"Local NL 008
25534Hynam Caves Road HYNAMNaracoorte LucindaleHynam Cemetery,Local NL 011
25568Laurie Park Road HYNAMNaracoorte LucindaleHomestead "Laurie Park"Local NL 077
25532Pallants Road HYNAMNaracoorte LucindaleCottage (Closer Settlement)Local NL 009
25537Wimmera Highway HYNAMNaracoorte LucindaleHynam Hall (former Schoolhouse)Local NL 014
25536Wimmera Highway HYNAMNaracoorte LucindaleHynam WoolshedLocal NL 013
25535Wimmera Highway HYNAMNaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Hynam House"Local NL 012
25539Struan - Joanna Road JOANNANaracoorte LucindaleFormer SchoolhouseLocal NL 016
25570Deepwater Road KEPPOCHNaracoorte LucindaleHomestead "Lake Roy"Local NL 079
25571Morambro Lane KEPPOCHNaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Morambro"Local NL 080
25545Bordertown Road KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleTrial Plots and associated Farm BuildingsLocal NL 022
25540Cooee Road KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleWoolshed "Cooee"Local NL 017
25542Kidman Street KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Cheese FactoryLocal NL 019
2554318 Lacey Drive KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleDwellingLocal NL 020
25544Mill Road KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleDwelling "Cooee" and Former ShopLocal NL 021
25547Mullinger Road KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleMullinger Swamp Conservation ParkLocal NL 024
25546Railway Terrace KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleCemetery:Local NL 023
16276KYBYBOLITENaracoorte LucindaleDwelling ('Kybybolite' House)State10246 
25549Callendale Road LUCINDALENaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Redbank"Local NL 026
25573Callendale Road LUCINDALENaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Callendale"Local NL 082
25572Legges Lane LUCINDALENaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Fernleigh"Local NL 081
2555224 Musgrave Avenue LUCINDALENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Shop, StoreLocal NL 030
2555132 Musgrave Avenue LUCINDALENaracoorte LucindaleDwelling, former Police Station and Cell BuildingLocal NL 029
255531 Willow Avenue LUCINDALENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Presbyterian ChurchLocal NL 031
25574Moy Hall Road MOYHALLNaracoorte LucindaleHomestead "Moy Hall"Local NL 083
276958kms south of NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleNaracoorte Caves Complex (designated place of geological, palaeontological and speleological significance)State26459 
25555Caves Road NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleHomestead "Kay Park"Local NL 033
25578Church Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleSt Andrews Sunday School and StablesLocal NL 035
255794 Church Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindalePresbyterian ManseLocal NL 036
162826 Church Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleSt Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchState10252 
16281Degaris Place also known as Debors Place NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleNaracoorte Council Office (former Commercial Bank of SA Naracoorte Branch) and front fenceState10251 
255801 Gordon Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleSt. Thomas Catholic ChurchLocal NL 037
2558119 Gordon Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleNaracoorte TAFE (former High School)Local NL 038
255833 Jenkins Terrace NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleDwellingLocal NL 040
2558415 Jenkins Terrace NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleDwellingLocal NL 041
2558565 Jenkins Terrace NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleMedical Centre (former Dwelling "Buona Vista")Local NL 042
162882 Laurie Crescent NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleSt Paul's Anglican ChurchState13905 
2558618 MacDonnell Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleDwellingLocal NL 043
2558729 MacDonnell Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleStables (ruins) and Tuck ShopLocal NL 044
16280MacDonnell Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleThe Sheep's Back Museum (former Simpson's Flour Mill)State10250 
1628923-25 McDonnell Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Limbert's Store and ResidenceState14023 
1628430 McLay Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleNaracoorte (previously Dartmoor) Homestead Complex, including the homestead, two-storey building, cottage and old cottageState12765 
25588Moore Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleSwim LakeLocal NL 045
2559173 Ormerod Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleNaracoorte HotelLocal NL 048
2559291 Ormerod Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleNaracoorte Art Gallery (former Surgery & Dwelling)Local NL 049
25593Ormerod and Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleTown SquaresLocal NL 050
1628713 Ormerod Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleShop (former Naracoorte District Council Chambers)State13904 
255944 Poplar Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleMasonic LodgeLocal NL 051
2559610 Robertson Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleHeritage ChapelLocal NL 053
2559712 Robertson Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleDwelling (former Shillings Restaurant)Local NL 054
2559520 Robertson Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleHotel "Bushman's Arms"Local NL 052
2559832 Robertson Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Convent (La Eurana House) and TreeLocal NL 055
2559910 Rolland Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleDwelling (former Head Teacher's Dwelling)Local NL 056
2560014 Rolland Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleSchool and Shelter ShedLocal NL 057
25607Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleJames Quarry Lime KilnLocal NL 064
2560164 Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleBankLocal NL 058
2560279 Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleOffice (former Bank)Local NL 059
25604116 Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleShopLocal NL 061
25605124-140 Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Rivoli TheatreLocal NL 062
25606158 Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleKincraig HotelLocal NL 063
2560395 Smith / MacDonnell Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleTown Hall (former Institute)Local NL 060
1627781 Smith Street NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleNational Bank Naracoorte BranchState10247 
25556Stewart Terrace NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleCemetery Gates, Wall & Sexton's Room:Local NL 065
25558Wimmera Highway NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleHomestead "Penkyne"Local NL 067
16283NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleBlanche & Victoria Fossil Caves, Naracoorte Caves National ParkState11604 
25557Stewart Terrace / Wattle Avenue corner NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleDwelling, Cottage and StablesLocal NL 066
25575Princes Highway REEDY CREEKNaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Conmurra"Local NL 084
25590Old Kingston Road STEWART RANGENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Dwelling "Sarnia" (ruins)Local NL 047
25559Lochaber South Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindaleShearing Shed "Messamurry"Local NL 068
25560Lucindale Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindaleShearing Shed and Outbuildings "The Nook"Local NL 069
25561Maranoa Downs Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindaleDwellingLocal NL 070
25562Old Kingston Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindaleFarm Complex (ruins)Local NL 071
25563Plantation Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindalePlantationLocal NL 072
25564Stewarts Range Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Stewarts Range SchoolLocal NL 073
25565Stewarts Range Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindaleDwelling and Almond GroveLocal NL 074
25566Stewarts Range Road STEWARTS RANGENaracoorte LucindaleSheep DipLocal NL 075
25576Riddoch Highway STRUANNaracoorte LucindaleWorking Men's GravesLocal NL 085
16279Riddoch Highway STRUAN VIA NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleOffice (former Dwelling 'Struan House')State10249 
16278Riddoch Highway STRUAN VIA NARACOORTENaracoorte LucindaleFormer Farmhouse, linked to Struan HouseState10248 
25569Comaum - Wrattonbully Road WRATTONBULLYNaracoorte LucindaleFarm Group "Wrattenbullie"Local NL 078


While due care has been taken to ensure that the SA Heritage Places Database accurately reflects the South Australian Heritage Register and listings of Local Heritage Places in Development Plans, the State of South Australia does not accept liability for the use of the SA Heritage Database for any purpose. Users should consult the Department for Environment and Water - Heritage South Australia to confirm the listing of State Heritage Places and the relevant Development Plan for Local Heritage Places/Contributory Items.

In the majority of cases, the maps of State Heritage Places on this web site show the footprints of the most significant structures on a registered Place. However, sometimes they simply indicate the complete area of land comprising the Place. Work is proceeding to further refine the mapping of such places. It is also important to note that development control is not limited to the registered structures but extends to their setting and structures nearby (what is termed ‘development affecting’ a State Heritage Place). Hence it is vital that exact details of the listed place and implications for any proposed development be discussed with Heritage South Australia staff, as they cannot be deduced solely from the information on this web site. The inclusion of a place in the SA Heritage Register gives no right of public access. Permission to visit properties must be sought from the owners. The accuracy of the mapping of State Heritage Places is not guaranteed. Please contact Heritage SA ( https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/sa-heritage-register) if you believe there is an error.

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