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AddressLGADetailsClassState Heritage Place NoCouncil Reference
15153Arbury Park Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Raywood', previously 'Arbury Park')State13968 
17272Arbury Park Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsRaywood (previously Arbury Park) Garden, Chapel, Driveway and GatesState16767 
15151160 Mount Barker Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsMarbury School, including Main House (former dwelling 'Wairoa'), & Guesthouse, Stables, Garden, Gatehouse and GatesState13962 
150191 Strathalbyn Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsAldgate Pump HotelState11531 
151522 Strathalbyn Road ALDGATEAdelaide HillsAldgate Crafts ShopState11529 
17277152 Beaumont Road BALHANNAHAdelaide Hills'The Pines' ComplexState12905 
15261Grasby Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsDwelling ('The Folly')State12928 
15262Grasby Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsFormer Glengyle Jam Factory, including Factory Building and StableState12927 
15259Greenhill Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsFormer Balhannah Copper/Bismuth/Gold Mine, including Boiler House, Engine House, Crusher House and ChimneyState12912 
15251Junction Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsBalhannah Railway Station and Signal CabinState12854 
2067236 Junction Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsDwelling - former Balhannah Railway Station Master's houseState24021 
17274Mattners Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsWillow Springs StationState12902 
15250129 Onkaparinga Valley Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Merridong' formerly 'Briardene'), including former Balhannah Cheese and Butter Factory, Cottages and Milk DepotState12853 
15263Ravenswood Lane BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Ravenswood')State12903 
152522 West Terrace BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsDwelling (former Balhannah School)State12856 
15260Wicks Road BALHANNAHAdelaide HillsDwelling - Former Elmsdale Cider FactoryState12929 
15158Burdetts Road BASKET RANGEAdelaide HillsBurdett's Wildflower GardenState14690 
15156Lobethal Road BASKET RANGEAdelaide HillsSurrey Orchards (Dwelling, former Jam Factory & Store)State14696 
15157Lobethal Road BASKET RANGEAdelaide HillsDeep Creek Bridge [Stone Arch]State14655 
1526741 Olivedale Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Oliventhal Cottage')State14701 
15242Shannon Street BIRDWOODAdelaide HillsNational Motor Museum (former Birdwood Flour Mill)State10517 
15160Mount Barker Road BRIDGEWATERAdelaide HillsThe Bridgewater Mill (former Dunn's Flour Mill)State10589 
15163Batchelor Road CASTAMBULAdelaide HillsDwelling (sometime head station of 'Castambul' pastoral run)State14697 
15020Stone Hut Road CASTAMBULAdelaide HillsFormer Victoria Gold MineState14693 
15275Newman Road CHARLESTONAdelaide HillsFormer Stables of 'Blackford' FarmsteadState14754 
15240Newman Road CHARLESTONAdelaide HillsHomestead ('Gumbanks'), including Barn and Blacksmith's WorkshopState10491 
15274204 Newman Road CHARLESTONAdelaide HillsDwelling (former 'Blackford') and stone fenceState14753 
15021Epiphany Place CRAFERSAdelaide HillsAnglican Church of the EpiphanyState13965 
15022Main Street CRAFERSAdelaide HillsCrafers InstituteState13963 
1502361 Waverley Ridge Road CRAFERS WESTAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Broadlees') & GardenState11942 
15281Adelaide to Lobethal Road FOREST RANGEAdelaide HillsDwelling - Pise HouseState12918 
15155Lobethal Road FOREST RANGEAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Biggs Cottage')State11623 
15246Albert Street GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsHomestead ('Kenton Park') and BarnState10514 
15248Gumeracha-Lobethal Road GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Mill Cottages')State11706 
15249John Fisher Avenue GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsRing of Oaks associated with Salem Baptist ChurchState12747 
15241Retreat Valley Road GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Ludlow House')State10515 
1526830 Victoria Street GUMERACHAAdelaide HillsSalem Baptist ChurchState14702 
2775921 Blackhill Road HOUGHTONAdelaide HillsHoughton Union ChapelState26493 
152451931 North East Road INGLEWOODAdelaide HillsInglewood InnState10513 
152717 High Street KERSBROOKAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Primrose Cottage')State14705 
15247Vickers Road LENSWOODAdelaide HillsMount FarmState12362 
15276Lot 201 Adelaide - Lobethal Road LOBETHALAdelaide HillsChimney, Early Tweed Mill Walls, Red Brick Loom Shed, Former Lobethal Woollen MillState16192 
26987Adelaide-Lobethal Road LOBETHALAdelaide HillsLobethal Woollen Mill (see also 16192, 16193, 16194, 16195, 16196)State26414 
152772 Adelaide-Lobethal Road LOBETHALAdelaide HillsFormer Lobethal Woollen Mill ShopState16195 
152445 Lobethal-Woodside Road LOBETHALAdelaide HillsDwellingState11532 
1527830-36 Main Street LOBETHALAdelaide HillsLobethal Institute and CinemaState18494 
1524346 Main Street LOBETHALAdelaide HillsSt John's Lutheran Church & Museum (former 1845 College and Seminary)State11689 
1523954 Mill Street LOBETHALAdelaide HillsDwellingState10484 
15280Post Office Road LOBETHALAdelaide HillsHop KilnState18496 
15269Lower Hermitage Road LOWER HERMITAGEAdelaide HillsDwellingState14703 
15270Lower Hermitage Road LOWER HERMITAGEAdelaide HillsGlen Ewin Complex, including house and former jam factory buildings (pulping shed, jam factory, sugar store, packing shed and jam kitchen [ruin])State14704 
15154Marble Hill Road MARBLE HILLAdelaide Hills'Marble Hill' - Former Governors' Summer Residence (Ruin)State10884 
17273Gorge Road MONTACUTEAdelaide HillsBlack Hill Lodge (former Weir Master's House Garage, Stone Channel and Dry-Stone Walling Ramp), Black Hill Conservation ParkState14767 
17275Institute Road MONTACUTEAdelaide HillsDwelling - A prefabricated 'Manning' houseState16200 
1515932 Foxhill Road MOUNT GEORGEAdelaide HillsDwelling ('The Chestnuts')State13350 
15266Cyanide Road MOUNT TORRENSAdelaide HillsMount Torrens Gold BatteryState13288 
15282Springhead Road MOUNT TORRENSAdelaide HillsDwelling - Schubert's HouseState14755 
1527213 Townsend Street MOUNT TORRENSAdelaide HillsShop & DwellingState14706 
15167Colonial Drive NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsMorialta Winery Complex, including residence, main building (stables, wine cellar & store), barn, well house and stone wallingState13458 
15169Lobethal Road NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsDwelling - Former Residence of Sir Thomas PlayfordState14694 
15168Old Norton Summit Road NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsWellington Rock or Pizey's KnobState14120 
1502597 Old Norton Summit Road NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsFormer Rock TavernState14695 
15165120 Old Norton Summit Road NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Grove Hill'), including Coach House, Stables, 3 Hole Privy, Gatehouse, Fruit Store, Cider Cellars and HothousesState12752 
15166St John's Road NORTON SUMMITAdelaide HillsSt John's Anglican ChurchState14691 
152569 Elizabeth Street OAKBANKAdelaide HillsPart of Oakbank Weavers (former Pike's Dorset Brewery) including Post Office, Brewery and Brewing TowerState12886 
1525818 Oakwood Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsFormer Oakbank BreweryState12889 
15265185 Onkaparinga Valley Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsBarnState12893 
20673220 Onkaparinga Valley Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsPart of Oakbank Weavers (former Pike's Dorset Brewery) including Soft Drinks Plant & Chimney Stack (post 1938)State24229 
20674Onkpararinga Valley Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsPart of Oakbank Weavers (former Pike's Dorset Brewery) including Beasley's HouseState24230 
1525726 Pike Street OAKBANKAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Dalintober')State12887 
15255Shillabeer Road OAKBANKAdelaide HillsOakbank Race CourseState12883 
15170Spring Gully Road PICCADILLYAdelaide HillsWoodhouse Activity CentreState10588 
245462 Wandilla Drive ROSTREVORAdelaide HillsDwelling designed by Robert DicksonState26194 
1502612 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Spottiswoode')State13967 
1502746 Ayers Hill Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Olivet House' previously 'Wauchenappe')State13966 
1528346 Gould Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsPise CottageState16666 
15028Kaurna/Peramangk Country, 9 Laurel Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsSt Vigeans Estate GardenState14679 
1502917 Laurel Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsSt Vigeans Estate (Main House and surrounding Garden and Former Stables & Coach House)State11570 
150301 Longwood Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Morden')State13964 
1517252 Mount Barker Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsStirling HotelState14293 
1503155 Old Carey Gully Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsGlenalta GardenState13961 
2632019 Pine Street STIRLINGAdelaide HillsForest Lodge House, Outbuildings, Garden and Garden ComponentsState16242 
15173Snows Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsBeechwood (former St Wilfred's) GardenState10963 
15032Snows Road STIRLINGAdelaide HillsBeechwood (former Birksgate) ConservatoryState10962 
17276Old Norton Summit Road TERINGIEAdelaide HillsDwelling (`Belmont' formerly `Willapunga'), including Pise Outbuilding, Piggery Ruins, Galvanised Shed, Main Shed and Greenhouse RuinsState10632 
15174Days Road URAIDLAAdelaide HillsFormer Shop & DwellingState14692 
151718 Swamp Road URAIDLAAdelaide HillsDwelling ('Brooks Cottage') & Slab HutState10887 
15264Beaumont Road VERDUNAdelaide HillsMining Site - former Grunthal Mine; Grunthal Mine Historic Site and related structuresState12906 
1727841 Onkaparinga Valley Road VERDUNAdelaide HillsStanley Bridge HotelState12907 
15175Glen Stuart Road WOODFORDEAdelaide HillsRostrevor House (former Dwelling), Rostrevor CollegeState13746 
17279Burnley Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsDwelling & Dry Stone WallState12894 
17280Days Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsFormer Lime Kiln & Dolomite QuarryState12900 
1728112 Elizabeth Street WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsDwelling (former House & Butchers Shop)State12872 
1728220 - 24 Henry Street WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsMelba's Chocolates (former Onkaparinga Butter Factory)State12864 
1728511A-11C Moffett Street WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsRow HousesState12875 
1728617 Moffett Street WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsDwelling - Former St John's Presbyterian (originally St Petri Lutheran) ChurchState11694 
206755 Nairne Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsPart of Woodside Police Station Complex ( including Courthouse, Forage Store and Stables)State24227 
1728430 Onkaparinga Valley Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsWoodside InstituteState12879 
1728334 & 36A Onkaparinga Valley Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsPart of Woodside Police Station Complex (including Police Residence, Old Wall, Old Cells, Garage)State10482 
1728790 Onkaparinga Valley Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsSt Mark's Anglican Church Complex, including 1884 Church, Hall (former 1851 Church), Graveyard & WallState12869 
15253Pfeiffer Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsChimney and Flue, Former Lone Hand Gold MineState12863 
15254Riverview Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsFormer Inverbrackie Caledonian Church (Ruin), Manse & GraveyardState12859 
17288Tiers Road WOODSIDEAdelaide HillsBraun's Farm Complex, including Dwelling, Two Barns and Milking ShedState12523 


While due care has been taken to ensure that the SA Heritage Places Database accurately reflects the South Australian Heritage Register and listings of Local Heritage Places in Development Plans, the State of South Australia does not accept liability for the use of the SA Heritage Database for any purpose. Users should consult the Department for Environment and Water - Heritage South Australia to confirm the listing of State Heritage Places and the relevant Development Plan for Local Heritage Places/Contributory Items.

In the majority of cases, the maps of State Heritage Places on this web site show the footprints of the most significant structures on a registered Place. However, sometimes they simply indicate the complete area of land comprising the Place. Work is proceeding to further refine the mapping of such places. It is also important to note that development control is not limited to the registered structures but extends to their setting and structures nearby (what is termed ‘development affecting’ a State Heritage Place). Hence it is vital that exact details of the listed place and implications for any proposed development be discussed with Heritage South Australia staff, as they cannot be deduced solely from the information on this web site. The inclusion of a place in the SA Heritage Register gives no right of public access. Permission to visit properties must be sought from the owners. The accuracy of the mapping of State Heritage Places is not guaranteed. Please contact Heritage SA ( https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/sa-heritage-register) if you believe there is an error.

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